Tuesday, May 05, 2009

The Final Frontier...

So here I am, on the metaphorical outer rim of my comfort zone.... entering the magnificent and mysterious blogosphere. I would like to credit my decision to delve into the depths of internet catharsis to my good friend Emma, who is my personal authority and leading light when it comes to blogging.

For several months now I have been out in the cold with my nose pressed against the virtual window pane, admiring from afar the well polished and easy penmanship of seemingly natural born bloggers. It appears that every man and his dog is now blogging and in a desperate bid not to be left behind with the moth balls I decided to stop teetering on the brink, man up and take the plunge.

However this decision was not to be taken lightly, oh no! I did some research...which I won't bore you with the details of.....However, I recently read an article about one American journalist who produces up to twenty blog posts a day(!), all seemingly well put together and amusing (bastard).

I on the other hand have always struggled with the idea of written expression. As a child I remember our teacher reading Anne Frank's diaries to us in school which inspired me to rush home and start scribbling down my own memoire. Now, I don't know about you but at the age of seven I didn't really have any stellar material to fulfil my aspirations of creating a best selling novel. Generally confined to describing in meticulous detail my movements from the second I awoke (from what I had for breakfast to which socks I was going to wear) to the moment my head hit the pillow at night, I don’t think J K Rowling and crew had much to worry about. Needless to say after three days of dedicated scribbling my enthusiasm dwindled and I naturally progressed onto my next career as a fledgling palaeontologist (don't ask).

So it is with a little apprehension that I'm starting this blog. My friend Emma has assured me that blogs aren't only used by angst-ridden, narcissistic teenagers but by fairly normal people too. So I'm launching this as a platform through which to present my many musings and creative dalliances.

OK so what the hell do I write about??? Well mostly I think I’ll jot down whatever pops into my over-excited tiny little mind (ha poor you) but there are a few things I'd like to cover on a regular basis:

First and foremost I want to share with you all my films and all the other little projects I've worked on and maybe a few of my sketches (only if you're lucky though).

I may finally get around to reviewing some of my favourite arty farty European films to get a few people off my back (you know who you are) and prove that three years of studying film at uni was really worth all that debt.

I'm also planning to commit to virtual paper my adventures (commonly known as the many scrapes of Stephanie Hubbard) as self-deprecating humour is something I'm a dab hand at.

So this is me, nearly 22, filmmaker/violinist/doodler and charity adventurer breaking down the final frontier.......

'It's space, Jim, but not as we know it'

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  1. Welcome...! I'm happy to take credit for you delving into the depths of the blogosphere. Heck, I'm even chauffed you refered to me as 'fairly normal' too!!