Monday, February 22, 2010

What's your swap?

Fairtrade Fortnight is upon us again and although I'm sure you all do your utmost to buy fairly traded goods where possible (judging glare for those who don't) we all have our guilty pleasures. This fortnight let's all try to make a bit more of an effort because the extra few pennies we spend at this end can make a huge difference to those in the world's poorest countries.

Still not buying it? (Sorry that was terrible I know!) Here's a motivational visual delight from the Fairtrade Foundation to break it down for you.

Go ahead and change the world by making just a few extra swaps this fortnight. Everyone knows food tastes better with a pinch of justice in it anyway.

For more info on Fairtrade and to find out what you can do to support the movement go to:

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