Thursday, June 10, 2010


On my 23rd birthday I was lucky enough to be off jet-setting to Copenhagen in Denmark for an international steering group meeting and to visit refugee projects in the city. My impressions of the trip can be best explained through the medium of facebook statuses.....

06 June 22:58
Cheered up tonnes by all your birthday messages. Survived 3 airports alone without getting lost, asked a lot of people a lot of really stupid questions and made it only to find a distinct lack of tea and coffee making facilities, shockingly primative! First impressions of Copenhagen are that it is very flat and very expensive!

06 June 23:15
Obersavtion 2: Double Bed, single duvet, one tiny pillow which is really more of a cushion. Tis a strange land here indeed, maybe they still have rationing?!!

07 June 23:19
Amazing day! met some truely awesome people at the Danish Red Cross, got soaked to the skin in the worst rain I have ever experienced in my life, ate a phenomenal toasted roast beef sandwhich, was puzzled by the danish love of horse raddish which is in everything! ate at a michelin star restaurant, drank an enormous beer and wandered around this beautiful city. Bring on tomorrow!

09 June 21:09
Reflections on Denmark: Ace countdown system at pedestrian crossings with heartbeat monitor noise that flatlines when you're out of time + about to be hit by a car! No mermaid as stolen by the chinese, accidentally spending £8 on postcards, energy saving escalators that stop when no one is about (spied on them from afar and saw them slacking!), flowers are quite nice in food. cool furniture shops.

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