Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Bedtime Reading

I re-read one of my favourite graphic novels recently, Blankets by Craig Thompson. It's a huge tome of a book at a couple of inches thick but a nice angsty read perfect for devouring in one (very very) long sitting with several cups of tea.

The story follows the author through his teenage years as he wrestles with family strife and questions of faith and belief. If that's not enough the boy then falls in love with a troubled and fragile girl who he meets at a summer camp. The novel follows their intense relationship as they  face the challenges of temptation and separation.

At times this book is overwhelming in its frankness and honesty. Craig truly lays himself bare for the reader and you are fully immersed in his story body and soul. The artwork is also masterful in its own right. Each frame beautifully captures the subtle nuances of every day life that make moments between two people special. The snow scenes are particularly mesmerising but you'll have to read it for yourself to see what I mean.

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